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How can we increase our website's success?


Our Website is a service, therefore it must be well built from the ground up. The designed website achieve more visitors, and this means more customer, respectively greater revenue for your company. Let's get concisely what criteria must be met for a site to be successful.

User-friendly behavior, and a modern, responsive appearance

To get visitors trust is the hardest task. We have to pay attention when creating our website and make sure that give experience to the visitors, so it's not sufficient just to create a website, have to prepare for usability and the user's habits too. Did You know that just a few seconds are available to get visitor's trust before they've hit "back" button, or navigationg to a competitor's website?

Basic requirements:

  • Site must be pure, easily overview and simply manageable.
  • The navigation is clearly crafted, and logically structured.
  • Friendly colored (proper contrast and readability), but suggesting dynamism and intensity, in accordance with the company's dominant colors.
  • Guide through the visitors all over the contents, until they're reach the destination which means buying.
  • Harmonize with your business activities, also in the aspect of the used fonts and images (or any visual elements) as well.
  • Provide rich content, but in plain language, succinctly and to the point.
  • Mobile-friendly appearance, which is also means a completely different layout, so your site gives desired experience for those who have such devices visiting our website.



Sometimes, we have to support our breakings into new markets with marketing tools, in order to achieve our website's success. We need to prepare for wondering visitors, and navigate them through the essential parts to make sure they get the point about our services. Finally, we try to get conversions (a purchase from visit / registration / offer request, etc). All aspect of our website around marketing, since the sales is the purpose we created:

  • Design landing (destination) page, where visitors arrived from your advertise.
  • The first impressions is important, here we have to win the visitor's trust.
  • Designing web pages about our services and our product's detail, where details are strong as much as possible to meet the potential customers / clients.
  • Az The online sale is a particular area of expertise, persuasion based on psychology (marketing contexts, eye-catching graphic elements, interaction encouraging buttons).
  • Evolving conversion points.
  • Implementetion of measurement technology to get the resulting statistics that being used for even better results.

Marketing tools

marketing eszközök

We can strengthen the effectiveness of our website with tools like:

  • Newsletters. Some our visitors going to be constantly interested for our products / services. Them as subscribed are able to reach by you with your newsletters. Think about it, how much opportunity has, if you can send periodically the latest promotions?
  • Role of social media today, is a decisive factor. Using Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other media is quite mandatory for our company presence since potential clients using them day by day. Must have a community and use these channels opportunities send updates regularly about our products / about our service.
  • Using Google tools we can get a picture of the visitors habits. Why it is useful? Just think that we get a report about which of our service / product is the most popular or the opposite. Which page leads to conversions, and which makes the visitors to leave? Using these reports and guides we can only improve online presence. However, the Google tools are not just for statistics, as there are many free and paid tool to improve website earnings. One of the most widely used is the Google Maps, i.e. the map service, which places your business on the world.
  • An important marketing tool is Google Ads the corporate-giant's one, paid tool, which introduces us to our potential customers through numerous channels. This is an ad system, where we have chance to be on the first page whenever someone is looking for a product or service. Let's imagine that our restaurant we would like to promote is on the first result pages if an user searching for dinner nearby. It's possible! The system specifically complex for common users, but if you need we can navigate through it.
  • Using Discounting tools, and visitor reversing expedient to make visitors stay who are about leaving your website. This could be a visual element (a pop-up "window") which shows discount offer or coupon, but anything that make your visitors to stay on your website.

Do not ignore competitors


Our company must listen to the competitors in online aspect too, because the competition is just a click away from us. Let's look at their promotions and what do they offer. We have to know what areas they are successful in, what kind of marketing tools are they used for this purpose and compare our promotions to them. Create more favorable terms or more favorable prices. Let's examine the Google search results list for competing firms and its web pages, to get picture about our competitors and their services.

Offer attractive deals

vonzó ajánlat

Define the target group, and emphasize our advantages. Our website's primary purpose is to offer lucrative solutions for visitors. Let's focus on our products / services, and build our site around it. Should define for who, what and how we wish to sell.

Have to define the website's target group first, like age, gender, region, income, interest and what kind of problem is that we're offering solution for.

Next step, for these group members giving attractive deals. Collect benefits (warranty, gift, free shipping, discount, etc.) that we can provide for products / services with which we can solve our visitor's problems. Our success depend on can we offer all additional services that competitors do not have. Can we even give more in a cost-efficiency package?

Technical and technological background

technológiai háttér

Our website is a software, what requires a hardware. Fast and reliable our website deserves the right hosting provided. Visitors will notice the page speed as first impression that they met, the first seconds will be decisive while they're decide to stay or navigating to a faster site. You may choose a hosting providers whom present since several years, have fast hardware (processor, SSD storage) and have no restrictions anyway. Proper service selection protect us a lot of annoyance around

Our brand, the domain name


The domain name typically the business name, e.g. what visitors type into a browser to get your website. You may want to avoid:

  • accented names could be used tho, we suggest to forget it anyway,
  • avoid punctuation other than dash, other punctuation,
  • simplify the too long names,
  • ignore names that hard to remember

Content maintenance


For our website's contents, we're responsible, so it's essential that we can add, modify or remove contents at any time. We can do this with a special access (administrator), so without outsourced help (such a developer) we can modify articles, images, products, services, etc., any other data. operate is easy, does not require professional knowledge, anyone can easily handle it.

Implementation and support

kivitelezés és támogatás jeles

Our website will be online face of the company, where visitors will get their first impressions. If the website is not well designed, results will also be reflected, even lose revenue. Today the web development (creating websites) is very widespread, many people offer their services. What we need to watch for could serve all request that our company's online variant for? we must bear in mind that the our site's functionality and appearance must be able to encourage visitors or customers about our business effectiveness. Our website's development does not ends once it's created, constantly keep up to date for changing trends, supporting the emerging market needs. It is important to pay attention to the website development company is ready to cooperate with us, have guarantee for its product, i.e., the developed website, and have contract guaranteed. In case of any errors, they should be available, and their purpose may not the quantity, but also the quality.

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